CLINTON High School                      ORDER OF EVENTS

Order of Events - Coed Track & Field Meet

  Event Name Start Exchange/Hurdle Marks
1 4x800 Relay G/B Waterfall (together( Common Green
2a 4x100 Relay Girls White Yellow
2b 4x100 Relay Boys    
3 3200 M Run G/B Waterfall (together)  
4a 100 M Hurdles - Girls White (yellow) Yellow (33" High)
4b 110 M Hurdles - Boys White (blue) Blue (39" High)
5a 100 M Dash - Girls White (yellow)  
5b 100 M Dash - Boys    
6a 800 M Run - Girls Waterfall / Green Alley  
6b 800 M Run - Boys    
7a 4x200 Relay - Girls Red (R-R)(R-R)(Y-Y)
7b 4x200 Relay - Boys    
8a 400 M Dash - Girls White  
8b 400 M Dash - Boys    
9a 300 M Hurdles - Girls White Red (30" High)
9b 300 M Hurdles - Boys White Red (36" High)
10a 1600 M Run - Girls Waterfall (together)  
10b 1600 M Run -Boys    
11a 200 M Dash - Girls White  
11b 200 M Dash - Boys    
12a 4x400 Relay - Girls Blue 1-lane (B-B)(Common-Green)
12b 4x400 Relay - Boys 2-3-4 roll in common  

Field Events at Home Meets
        Long Jump Boys & Girls Together  "Cafeteria" Style
        Girls Discus & Boys Shot Put First (Switch when both are done)
        Triple Jump Same as Long Jump when LJ is done
        High Jump Girls then Boys (usually)
        Pole Vault - Together (usually)